Foreign National Loans

Are you a foreign national hoping to invest in real estate in Florida? If so, you need to apply for a specialized product called a foreign national loan.

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What Can You Do With a Foreign National Loan in Florida?

You cannot use a foreign national loan to purchase a primary residence, but you can use it for other purposes, such as:

Commercial development

A vacation home

Real estate investments

Rental properties

With its booming economy, beautiful climate, and numerous attractions, Florida is an ideal location for any of these purposes.

Why You Need to Work With the Right Foreign National Loan Company in Florida

Many mortgage companies focus solely on domestic loans, and are not able to work with foreign nationals. Others may focus mainly on conventional loans, but offer foreign national loans on the side.

Premier Lending Corp is different. Foreign national loans are among our specialties. Why is this important? Here are a couple of key reasons:

The foreign national lending process is complex and involves different steps and documentation than the conventional lending process. Mortgage companies which are not prepared for this may take a long time to process loans. We are able to process foreign national loan applications expediently.

Companies which do not specialize in foreign national loans may not be as familiar with your goals as a buyer. We have worked with foreign national customers with a wide variety of personal and commercial goals, and can personalize a loan to help you meet yours.

Picking the right company to work with means that your loan is processed quickly, and you are connected with the product which best fits your needs.

We Can Walk You Through the Foreign National Loan Process Step-by-Step

If you are ready to invest in real estate in Florida, we are ready to help you achieve that goal . Please give us a call today at 954-840-8811, and one of our foreign loan specialists will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your goals.

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