Commercial Loans

As a hub for tourism and a diverse range of businesses in varied sectors, Florida is a land of opportunity for those pursuing commercial ventures. Looking to purchase commercial real estate in Florida? Premier Lending Corp can help you purchase a property with a competitive loan structured around your business needs.

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What Types of Properties Can You Purchase With a Commercial Loan?

We provide commercial financing for a broad selection of properties in Florida. These include but are not limited to the following:

Hotels and vacation rentals


Office buildings

Big box stores, strip malls, and other retail properties

If you do not see the particular type of commercial real estate you are in the market for listed here, give us a call at 954-840-8811. We can accommodate requests for financing for numerous types of commercial real estate.

Types of Commercial Loans

You can use a commercial loan for any of the following purposes:



Vacant land

Upgrades or repairs

No matter what industry you are in, what type of property you wish to finance, and regardless of your loan purpose, we can help you get the loan you need fast.

Why Choose Us as Your Commercial Mortgage Company?

At Premier Lending Corp, we know that the commercial loan you sign on has a long-term impact on not just you, but your entire business. We want to help you achieve your business goals, so we provide commercial loans which are tailored to your needs.

When you apply for a loan through our company, you can expect a competitive interest rate and fast closing on the commercial property you wish to acquire. That way you get what you need now, but you also are assured that you have a loan which will continue to serve your needs as your business continues to grow over the years ahead.

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