First Time Home Buyers

Shopping for your first home can be daunting. You may not be familiar with the process and may not be sure where to begin. There are numerous considerations to weigh and complex decisions to make which will have a long-term impact on your life.

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Here at Premier Lending Corp, we are passionate about working with first time home buyers. We know how confusing the process can be, and realize you may have a sea of questions.

We will take our time and walk you patiently through the process, answering each of your questions as comprehensively as possible. That way you can make informed decisions about your first home and your first home loan.

Programs for First Time Home Buyers

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC: Broward County)

The Housing Finance Authority of Broward County has launched a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program to help reduce home loan financing costs for qualified homeowners in Broward County.

The MCC program entitles qualified applicants to a federal income tax credit in an amount of up to $2,000 annually. This enables qualified owners or buyers, who owe federal income taxes, to benefit from a dollar-for-dollar reduction of their tax bills. Additionally, the homeowner will continue to receive the tax credit each year they continue to live in the home financed under the MCC program.

The MCC program is not a mortgage; however, it may be used in conjunction with a first mortgage. Borrowers must meet standard mortgage underwriting requirements, which demonstrate credit worthiness, and meet the MCC program's income and home purchase price requirements.

FHA Loans

Another excellent option at the national level is an FHA loan backed by the Federal Housing Administration. If you are eligible for this type of loan and you have a qualifying credit score, your down payment could be as low as 3.5%. You may choose between a fixed or adjustable interest rate. In either case, the interest rate, like the down payment, should be lower than it would be for an equivalent conventional loan.

Other Government-Backed Loan Programs

You also should not overlook other government-insured loan programs. If the house you are planning to buy is located in a USDA-defined "rural" zone, you might be eligible for a USDA home loan with zero down payment. Another type of loan with zero down is a VA loan. You may be able to qualify for this program if you are a veteran, active duty service member, or a surviving spouse of a veteran.

Conventional loans for First Home Buyers

If a government-insured loan program isn't right for you, both Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac offer a 3% down Conventional loan. By using the standard 3% down loan, a first time home buyer can purchase their home with little money out of pocket. Fannie Mae's Home Ready & Freddie Mac's Home Possible programs also feature reduced rates & mortgage insurance for qualified buyers.

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